Books By Canna Campbell

Step into a world where financial control and personal growth go hand in hand

Embark on a journey where mastering your finances becomes an exciting journey of self-discovery and empowerment. More than just guides to money management, these books are your companions in elevating your financial wisdom, nurturing positive money habits, and shaping the life you dream of.

Mindful Money

By Canna Campbell
Discover the art of holistic financial well-being with Mindful Money, a comprehensive guide by YouTube star and best-selling author Canna Campbell. This book is an essential read for anyone struggling to balance life's demands with effective money management. Canna offers practical steps to incorporate mindfulness into your financial habits, from developing new banking rituals to building passive income. Whether it's managing debt, appreciating your luxuries, or achieving financial independence, Mindful Money is your guide to a balanced and rich life.

The $1000 Project

By Canna Campbell
In The $1000 Project, Canna reveals her innovative strategy that saved $32,000 in just twelve months. This book is a practical toolkit for anyone aiming to boost their savings and enhance their financial health. Canna shares her wisdom on saving and earning in manageable $1000 increments, investing wisely, clearing debt, and optimising superannuation. It's a comprehensive financial fitness plan, leaving you not only with a healthier bank account but also with the knowledge and confidence to secure your financial future.
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